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New Thinking about Global Challenges

10.10.2011, Umweltforum Berlin, Germany


Conference Videos

Brian Collins
Professor of Engineering in UCL
Paul Ormerod
Volterra partners
Maria E. Angulo
Principal Operational Research Analyst with Defra
Greg Fisher
Synthesis thinktank
Steven Bishop
Professor of Nonlinear Dynamics in UCL
Patrik Jansson
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Colin Harrison
IBM, Distinguished Engineer Emeritus
Eliot Rich
Albany University, NY, USA
Bernard Silverman
Home Office Chief Scientific Adviser
Yulia Timoshkina
Business Developer at Gazprom Marketing & Trading
Lord Julian Hunt
Emeritus Professor of Climate Modelling in UCL
Jamie MacIntosh
Institute for Security and Resilience Studies
Carlo Jaeger
Welcome: One World, One Crisis?
Robert Johnson
Clear and Present Danger: Old Thinking in Global Economic Policy
Peter Höppe
Global Environmental Risks: Action or Denial?
Ulf Dahlsten
World Markets Governance
Giovanni Dosi
The Policy Relevance of New Economic Thinking
Eric Beinhocker
The Urgency of New Thinking about Global Challenges
Gerhard Schick
A Green New Deal for Europe: Financial Regulation, Ecological Modernization and Social Balance
Sony Kapoor
Building a Financial System that works for the Real Economy