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Workshop: Global Systems Science – Territorial versus Functional Patterns

25.02.2013 - 26.02.2013
Arizona State University, Tempe, USA

Presentations can now be found in the Workshop repository! Humankind is currently faced with unprecedented global challenges – climate policy, financial regulation, nuclear disarmament, avoiding pandemics, and more. There are... more


A mathematical model of the London riots and their policing

Toby P. Davies, Hannah M. Fry, Alan G. Wilson & Steven R. Bishop more


EUNOIA Project: Workshop on Urban Development and Global System Science

13.02.2013 - 14.02.2013
Brussels, Belgium

Presentations are now online and can be found in the workshop repository! Global System Science (GSS) intends to address the increasingly global and interconnected nature of challenges facing humanity and the... more


Visions in Global Systems Science: models and data

07.02.2013 - 08.02.2013

Presentations are now online and can be found in the workshop repository! Public policy making, when addressing challenges such as climate change, financial crises, or containment of pandemics, suffers from an intrinsic... more


4 GSS Workshops in February and March

There will be four workshops on Global Systems Science in the next couple of weeks: Visions in GSS: Models and Data Urban Development and GSS GSS: Territorial versus Functional Patterns Visions in GSS: Energy Futures... more


The Onlife Manifesto: Being human in a hyperconnected world


What does it mean to be human in the computational era? How can we experience freedom and plurality in a hyperconnected reality? Is the public/private distinction still relevant? How can we endorse and attribute... more


22nd SRA-E Conference

17.06.2013 - 19.06.2013
Trondheim, Norway

The 22nd SRA-Europe annual conference will be held 17-19 June 2013 at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. The special theme of the conference is «Safe societies – coping with complexity and... more