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Governing Global Social Ecological Systems

Selected presentations on ‘Governing Global Social Ecological Systems’ at the II World Forum of Sociology, RC24 sessions, Buenos Aires, Argentina August 2012 more


PRIX Ars Electronica Collide@CERN Residency Award

Prix Ars Electronica Collide@CERN is the new international competition for digital artists to win a residency at CERN the world’s largest particle physics laboratory in Geneva. It is the first prize to be announced as part of the... more


Blog on Global Systems Science online

Our new blog on Global Systems Science is online. Topics: The Euro-Crisis: North, South – and the East?Sustainable Forestry at a global scale more


Out now: COMPLEXITY ECONOMICS – Complexity, Choices & Crises

The aim of this new journal is to enhance the knowledge and the know-how required for responsible action in the global economy of the 21st century. more


GSDP/IRGP participation in the 4th International Disaster Risk Conference in Davos

26.08.2012 - 30.08.2012
Davos, Switzerland

Integrative Risk Management in a Changing World – Pathways to a Resilient Society more


Finanicial Risks, Green Growth and Jobs

The conference report is online … more


OFCE-SKEMA Workshop on Inequality and Macroeconomic Performance

16.10.2012 - 17.10.2012
Paris, France

The recent economic crisis has revived the interest for inequality and for its impact on economic activity. Rising inequality is suspected to be the source of increasing indebtedness, bubbles, and distorted macroeconomic policies... more