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Workshop: Envisioning a Socially Sustainable Future: Models, Narratives, Art

Insite is holding its second general meeting on October 15 and 16 in Venice around the roles of art, science, and other forms of narratives in promoting a sustainable future. more


FOC-CRISIS School on Complex Financial Networks

24.10.2012 - 27.10.2012
Lucca, Italy

Aims and Scope Today's economies and the future of the eurozone largely depends on the dynamics of financial systems which appear as an intertwined plexus of institutions, markets and intermediaries. The school aims at... more


ICT Proposers’ Day 2013

The EC has published a call in the FP7 ICT work programme 2013 (objective 5.4) on policy modelling that addresses issues in "Global Systems Science". This call is an opportunity to submit proposals in the area of... more


Waterloo INET Conference: False Dichotomies

Analytical distinctions, like those made in economics, are necessary for any theoretical advances to occur. When these distinctions begin to shape an economist’s view of the world rather than respond to it, it is right to ask if... more


Latsis Symposium 2012

The Latsis Symposium of ETH Zurich is a prestigious yearly event, sponsored by the Latsis foundation. more


W.E.H.I.A. 2012—17th Annual Workshop on Economic Heterogeneous Interacting Agents

Recent economic events have underlined how research in economics needs to take into account heterogeneous dynamics, with possibilities of rupture and crisis: networks and interactions are central and have to be modelled. This... more


GSDP project member Sander van der Leeuw awarded 'Champion of the Earth'

More information: United Nations Environment Programme – Champions of the EarthArizone State University – UN names ASU sustainability dean a 'Champion of the Earth'  more