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Call for Proposals: Global Systems Science (GSS)

The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) draft work programme (as part of Horizon 2020) is now published and it contains the almost final version of the calls to be announced officially 2013-12-11. Global Systems Science is... more


Global System Dynamics and Policy – Best Practice Guidelines Towards a Science of Global Systems

Collated and written by Steven Bishop, Peter Baudains, Jason Greenlaw, Giles Foden, Julian Hunt and Jeff Johnson Background Introduction This document explores ways in which a science of... more


ECCS’13: European Conference on Complex Systems

16.09.2013 - 20.09.2013
Barcelona, Spain

ECCS’13 will be a major international conference and event in the area of complex systems and interdisciplinary science in general. It will offer unique opportunities to study novel scientific approaches in a multitude of... more


GSDP Podcasts

We interviewed many experts including researchers, scientists and professionals to explore the role of global system science (GSS) in addressing many issues that society is facing today and in the future. Specially we are... more


Uncertainty, Digital Sciences and the Long Term – A Global System Science Conference

15.09.2013 - 17.09.2013
Florence, Italy

A quick search on Google about what “made the world faster” returns as first results: the cloud, internet, globalization, technology, wireless communication (and the end of the Cold War).  We have begun to design... more


Second Open GSS Conference: June 10-12th, 2013, Brussels

10.06.2013 - 12.06.2013
Brussels, Belgium

The Second Global Systems Science Conference took place on June 10–12th, 2013 in Brussels. Organized by the Global Climate Forum on behalf of the steering committee of the EU project GSDP in cooperation with the EU projects... more


REPOWGEE – Workshop on Resilient Power Grids and Extreme Events

07.10.2013 - 09.10.2013
Michelson Building, Potsdam, Germany

Many countries, including Japan and Germany, face the problem that reducing greenhouse gas emissions while phasing out nuclear energy requires a transformation of the energy system that includes large amounts of renewable energy... more