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New Thinking about Global Challenges

10.10.2011, Umweltforum Berlin, Germany

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This conference was organised by the European research network Global Systems Dynamics & Policy, the Institute for New Economic Thinking and Financial Times Deutschland to foster the transition from the thinking that generated the global challenges of our times to a new thinking that shall help decision makers and the wider public to cope with them.

The 21st century will be a period of unprecedented global challenges – instability of financial markets, global environmental change, large-scale demographic shifts, and more. The famous saying of Einstein’s – that we cannot solve problems with the thinking that generated them – is particularly relevant in the face of these challenges. There is an urgent need for new thinking about global systems, in particular about the main driving force of globalization: the world economy.

Themes included:

  • difficulties of coordinating economic policy worldwide,
  • relation between inequality and globalization,
  • a perspective of green growth,
  • the role of demography, and
  • a wide variety of methods to improve our understanding of global challenges.


Global Systems Research

The study of global systems can and must advance in a dialogue between the community of scholars investigating them and the wide variety of stakeholders involved in them. During the conference a first draft of a research program for Global Systems Science was drafted as a starting point for discussion. Click here to download this document.