GSDP was coordinated by

Global System Dynamics


This workshop, held at UCL on the 15th December 2010, considered different methods for providing guidance and training of complex systems approaches and techniques for decision-makers. The aim is to enable decision-makers from a wide variety of backgrounds to make use of complex systems, helping to solve real everyday problems in the context of long-term strategic policy.

The day was formed of a series of short presentations, allowing plenty of time for open discussion between participants. A wide variety of backgrounds were represented, including the natural, engineering and computer sciences and participants with first hand experience of the policy making process.

It was concluded that a good course of action would be to organise a series of GSDP courses for policy-makers, with the first scheduled for mid 2011, together with accompanying material, documents and software. It is anticipated that the audience of the first such course would be composed of both members of the UK civil service and academics. 


  • Steven Bishop, UCL (GSDP)
  • Ilan Chabay, Chalmers University of Technology (GSDP)
  • Anna De Liddo, Open University
  • Chris Farmer, University of Oxford
  • Hannah Fry, UCL
  • Patrick Godfrey, University of Bristol
  • Julian Hunt, UCL (GSDP)
  • Jeff Johnson, Open University (GSDP)
  • Grant Kopec, University of Cambridge
  • Eve-Mitleton Kelly, LSE
  • Alan Wilson, UCL