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Visions in Global Systems Science: Narratives as a Communication Tool for Scientists

13.03.2013, Brussels, Belgium

In recent years, the awareness has grown that the traditional scientific narrative, while effective for the scientific community, is not effective in communicating between that community and the rest of society. This has led to a reconsideration of the role of narrative in scientific communication. At the same time, the new ICT based media are enabling us to communicate in novel ways, and thus enable and constrain new ways of using narratives in communication.

Topics discussed will include use of games and gamification, use of visualisation of data to convey messages, the use of social media to convey messages but equally the emergence of narratives on social media (see semantic analysis of Twitter). All these aspects contribute to new approaches to the notion of narratives and to a new form of interaction of scientific practioners with stakeholders in policy and society by use of ICT.