GSDP was coordinated by

EUNOIA Project: Workshop on Urban Development and Global System Science

13.02.2013, Brussels, Belgium

Global System Science (GSS) intends to address the increasingly global and interconnected nature of challenges facing humanity and the pervasiveness of ICT, with the aim to provide scientific evidence in support of policy options. Pertinent elements for Global Systems Science are:

  • the capacity to gather, integrate and correlate large amounts of 'Big Data';
  • the modelling and simulation of large socio-technical systems;
  • the interaction with policy makers and society at large;
  • the use of modern ICT to engage collective action.


GSS will focus on a few selected policy areas, urban dynamics being one of them. The objectives of the Brussels workshop are:

  • to analyse the major scientific challenges associated to urban development from a GSS perspective;
  • to identify the role that ICT could play in such context in order to develop policy modelling tools and bridge the gap between modellers, policy makers and societal actors;
  • to contribute to the creation of an interdisciplinary research community at the intersection of urban planning, ICT and complex systems science, able to formulate innovative approaches to the challenges facing urban development in the 21st century;
  • to provide inputs for the European Commission to develop a research agenda in the field of 'Urban Development and Global Systems Science', with a view to include this thread in the future Horizon 2020 work programme.


The results of the workshop will be reflected into an Orientation Paper for GSS research in Horizon 2020.