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Workshop: Global Systems Science – Territorial versus Functional Patterns


25.02.2013 - 26.02.2013
Arizona State University, Tempe, USA

Presentations can now be found in the Workshop repository!

Humankind is currently faced with unprecedented global challenges – climate policy, financial regulation, nuclear disarmament, avoiding pandemics, and more. There are good reasons to see these challenges as different facets of an underlying problem, namely the difficulty to achieve a transition towards a sustainable world society.

To achieve such a sustainability transition will not be easy, especially because it requires greatly enhanced capacities for global coordination. Such coordination will require strengthening existing institutions or developing new ones, or both. Most debates about these issues simply take it for granted that suitable institutions for global governance – be it the UN, the IMF, the WTO or institutions yet to be formed - should be built around nation states, i.e. territorial structures. This global system science workshop addresses the question whether the building blocks provided by nations are sufficient to develop the global coordination required for a sustainability transition.

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