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Eight Prerequisites for a Better Understanding of the Contemporary Financial Crisis

What does an economist need for reasonably thinking about the financial crisis of our days? I am asking this for two purposes. First, I hope that answering this question will help... read more

GSDP, Financial Crisis

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Armin Haas

A Nuclear Third Way

An article in today's International Herald Tribune on hybrid nuclear energy by GSDP partner Julian Hunt highlights the need for debate on different sources of energy. View the... read more

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Peter Baudains

Collaborative Study: 'A New Growth Path for Europe'

In the meantime we set up a blog on the study:!... read more

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Elke Henning

Social energy

For everybody interested in the social energy discussions:please note the workshop announcement of a Satellite Meeting at the European Conference on Complex Systems, ECCS'11, that... read more

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Sarah Wolf

HIPERFIT project website is up

My college, Fritz Henglein, in Copenhagen has got a project (called HIPERFIT) going which has clear overlap with GSDP (mainly the Risk and the DSL workpackages).There is now a... read more


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Patrik Jansson