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The role of ICT in Global System Science

Below is a draft by Cezar and me about the role of ICT in Global System Science. Comments are welcome!Kind regards,  Patrik & Cezar-------------The role of ICT in Global... read more


22.08.2012 16:17

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Patrik Jansson

FT: Martin Wolf's Economists' Forum Contribution

I have been able to place an article in Martin Wolf's Economists' Forum at the FT (and a German version in the Financial Times Deutschland).It's at... read more

GSDP, Euro Crisis

28.10.2011 17:23

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Carlo C. Jaeger

GLOBAL SYSTEMS SCIENCE: An Emerging Research Field

Dear GSDP network, please find attached the document: 'GLOBAL SYSTEMS SCIENCE: An Emerging Research Field' which was distributed at the conference 'New Thinking about Global... read more

Eight Prerequisites for a Better Understanding of the Contemporary Financial Crisis

What does an economist need for reasonably thinking about the financial crisis of our days? I am asking this for two purposes. First, I hope that answering this question will help... read more

GSDP, Financial Crisis

14.09.2011 16:27

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Armin Haas

Coupling Human Knowledge Systems with Social-Ecological Systems

Ilan and myself have developed the concept on 'Human Information and Knowledge Systems' (HIKS) and have been thinking about how to couple HIKS dynamics with the dynamics... read more


14.06.2011 18:31

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J. David Tàbara