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The '1981 statement by 364 economists' revisited

Julian Hunt highlights the following article from the Royal Economic Society: The '1981 statement by 364 economists' revisited... read more

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The role of ICT in Global System Science

     It sounds like you are looking for a physical science of systems, to parallel the information modeling approaches we now have.  I've been working on one... read more

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Jessie Lydia Henshaw

Julian Hunt: How good was this deal really?

An article in the UK Independent newspaper by GSDP partner Julian Hunt discussing the recent climate change deal in... read more

Climate Change

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Peter Baudains

FT: Martin Wolf's Economists' Forum Contribution

I have been able to place an article in Martin Wolf's Economists' Forum at the FT (and a German version in the Financial Times Deutschland).It's at... read more

GSDP, Euro Crisis

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Carlo C. Jaeger

GLOBAL SYSTEMS SCIENCE: An Emerging Research Field

I really enjoyed GSDP Berlin and promised to some of you, after my concerns about OLD & NEW THINK, various forms of signs and frames/supersigns/superstructures, and how we... read more

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Heiner Benking