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GSDP Podcasts

This series of interviews were conducted as part of the GSDP project and have been published here as podcasts. We interviewed many experts including researchers, scientists and professionals to explore the role of global system science (GSS) in addressing many issues that society is facing today and in the future. Specially we are interested in how GSS can help shape better policy making and ways to communicate complex systems thinking to the general public and policy makers. Thanks to all of the interview participants who brought a wide range of perspectives to the conversation.


Maria E. Angulo
Principal Operational Research Analyst with Defra
Steven Bishop
Professor of Nonlinear Dynamics in UCL
Brian Collins
Professor of Engineering in UCL
Greg Fisher
Synthesis thinktank
Colin Harrison
IBM, Distinguished Engineer Emeritus
Lord Julian Hunt
Emeritus Professor of Climate Modelling in UCL
Patrik Jansson
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Jamie MacIntosh
Institute for Security and Resilience Studies
Antoine Mandel
Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Paul Ormerod
Volterra partners
Eliot Rich
Albany University, NY, USA
Bernard Silverman
Home Office Chief Scientific Adviser
J. David Tàbara
Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology of the UAB / Global Climate Forum
Yulia Timoshkina
Business Developer at Gazprom Marketing & Trading