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The Research Lines

The work of GSDP will be broken down into seven areas of research that operate in parallel, synchronized by annual conferences and interacting through meetings, documents, and intensive use of ICT.

The Task

The task assigned to the single research lines of GSDP is to jointly develop a research program in the science of global systems that is of real use to practitioners dealing with some of the most pressing problems of our age. This challenge is especially relevant for Europe, as can be seen in two events:

  • the introduction of the Euro which marked a new global role of Europe in financial markets, and
  • the introduction of the European Emissions Trading System which marked a new global role of Europe in climate policy.

But the financial crisis and the Copenhagen conference of 2009 show a tendency to marginalize Europe in a de-facto G2 regime with worrying consequences for European competitiveness and welfare.

The Goal

Against this backdrop, the goal of GSDP is to develop a Research Program for a stepwise advance in the research base on Global Systems and Sustainability. Europe requires a foundational transformative and sustained scientific effort at the boundaries between ICT and other disciplines to address today’s global social challenges and gain economic and technological competitive advantages. Critical mass needs to be built up and fragmented research efforts must be integrated around science and policy driven, goal-oriented, large-scale multidisciplinary research initiatives to developing a joint strategic vision to increase the impact of European research efforts.

This will be done by:

  • stimulating a new research community working on Global Systems,
  • elaborating a new comprehensive international research and dissemination program which integrates the latest developments on complexity and sustainability research in a variety of fields and
  • by engaging researchers in a close dialogue with key decision makers.

New forms of collaboration between public and corporate decision and policy makers and the research community have to be found.