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How we operate

GSDP will operate over a period of three years and function as a OPEN process.

In the first year, researchers and practitioners will meet in workshops and seminars to produce reports on the state of the art in the relevant fields. They will not only assess the scientific literature, but also carefully look at how the science-policy interface is currently defined. At the end of the year, a first annual conference will help to synthesise the different reports in view of the envisaged research program.

In the second year, analogous reports will be produced about challenges and questions in research and at the science-policy interface. The first two years will provide answers to three questions. What do we need? What do we know? What are we struggling with?

In the third year, these answers will be transformed into a research program for global systems science by first producing a set of components, then combining them into a coherent picture. The work will be broken down into seven work packages that operate in parallel, synchronized by annual conferences and supported by another work package for general management. One of the work packages – dealing with the overarching theme of global systems - will ask questions to the other six at the beginning of each year and help to integrate the responses. The other work packages deal with three more methodological issues – systems thinking, complex networks, domain specific languages – and three more substantive ones – risk and resilience, economy and sustainability, environment and society.