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HIPERFIT project website is up

My college, Fritz Henglein, in Copenhagen has got a project (called HIPERFIT) going which has clear overlap with GSDP (mainly the Risk and the DSL workpackages).

There is now a website and a newsletter you can subscribe to if you are interested (below is the first newsletter). I will try to co-organise the DSL workshop in June with HIPERFIT.


Research Center for Functional High-Performance Computing for Financial Information Technology

This is the first HIPERFIT newsletter.We can happily announce the initial version of our website The site gets in shape and is ready to provide you with information about the research center now. We describe our research approach and project organisation, as well as the research themes we are working on. In the future, we are going to use it for publishing scientific results and for announcing related events.There is a calendar for upcoming HIPERFIT events, which we hope to populate with related conference and workshop events, a HIPERFIT seminar, and generally events where one can meet HIPERFIT fellows.We will keep you posted.In general, our project gets up to speed:Partners at DIKU and NBI have discussed a number of potential and concrete "cases", or "projects", as we prefer to say, with the industry partners. Work on some of them (mainly through study projects) has started, others are on the way.In other news, HIPERFIT was described in "Orientering" on the Danish Radio in mid February, including an interview with Fritz Henglein. The accompanying text online mentions "insurance mathematics" as one partner - almost right :-) You can find the link, together with pointers to other articles and online material about HIPERFIT, under "About. In the Press" -- Enjoy!Best regardsfrom HIPERFIT



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