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DSL workshop date / participation question

The preliminary plan is for a GSDP workshop on "Domain Specific Languages for Global Systems Modelling" to take place somewhere near Gothenburg, Sweden during two consecutive days in the interval June 14-17.

Before fixing the dates I would like here about your limitations - please record your interest and fill in your preferred dates (within a week) by following the link to this doodle:

(Note that this is not a formal registration - only a preview of potential interest to make sure to pick a good date.)

  Patrik Jansson

PS. Below is the workshop proposal I wrote in the autumn before the GSDP kickoff:
I envision two groups (representing "methods" and "applications") of researchers meeting. The "methods" group would be experts on the ICT side รข?? Computer   Scienctists knowledgeable in Domain Specific Languages and related areas - eager to apply their tools and theories to "real modelling problems". The "applications" group would be other GSDP researchers eager to explore, express and improve models of Global Systems.

In practice I think we need to limit the scope a bit but I'm interested in feedback on more precisely how. An example could be to limit the applications "subjectwise" to climate impact research or  to economic modelling. Another direction could be to limit the kind  of models (discrete versus continuous, etc.).

Concretely I would like to make it a "nearby" workshop in the Gothenburg area during the summer months (June, July or Aug.) 2011.

The outcomes would be:

* Open-access "source code" for simple models describing selected applications.
* New contacts between "models" and "application" researchers.
* Better understanding of the application domains.
* Better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of DSL modelling.
* Identified (concrete) areas in need of more work


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Patrik Jansson

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