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Collaboration Action advice

I just wanted to share the conclusions from a report about Collaboration Actions in FET-proactive:


The main conclusions of this report are

For dissemination activities, there is a need to aim for professionalism, for example by employing a professional website designer or a science writer to produce articles for various media (magazines, web). Also, CAs need to have a dissemination strategy taking into account different target groups, ranging from FET project participants to scientists in the field and to private and public sector stakeholders.

The creation of a roadmap is a group process, which has benefits for a scientific community but often not for individual researchers. The type of roadmap needs to be adapted to the nature of the topic it addresses, and new media can support the efficient creation of a roadmap.

Many CAs organise workshops and other scientific meetings. While they tend to work well with the scientific community, the successes in making contacts with public and private sectors have been fluctuating.

On the topic of international collaboration, although there are positive examples, there is a clear scope in most CAs for extending such activities, e.g. by creating contacts with scientific communities outside Europe (e.g. in China), and mapping out the structure of the scientific community worldwide within specific topics.



17.02.2011 17:04

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Patrik Jansson


Re: Collaboration Action advice

Thank you Patrik, I think we all should also be aware of the type of activities these very interesting CAs are carrying out and how can we contribute to such mutual collaboration and learning. I think it would be good to discuss that also in the next Budapest May Fet11 meeting. We have three sessions organised by GSDP partners there and we should find good opportunities to discuss that with the other CA colleagues during that conference.


04.02.2011 11:35

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J. David Tàbara

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