GSDP was coordinated by


Prof. Steven Bishop

Prof. Steven Bishop’s research interests span a broad variety of topics motivated mainly by problems in engineering dynamics. Identifying instabilities in nonlinear dynamical systems forms a running theme with particular emphasis on parametrically excited continuous systems and the interesting phenomena found in non-smooth systems such as those involving repeated impacts.

Previous research areas have included the control of chaos and chaotic synchronisation but additionally the concepts of nonlinear dynamics have been applied to study ship capsize, the spread of fires in rooms, the stability of electronic phase-locked loops and other physical problems of practical interest. A discrete approach has been applied to consider the dynamics and morphology of sand dunes. It is this move into discrete dynamics that has lead to the focus shifting to modelling social systems as well as providing the link to understanding how models can be developed for policy decisions. In the last 2 years Bishop has organised meetings in Lloyds of London and the House of Lords (as part of GSD) to bring together policy makers, their advisors and academics.

In addition Bishop performs outreach events to widen the general understanding of the use of models for policy decision-making.

Steven Bishop was the Co-ordinator of the GSD project.