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Prof. Sander E. van der Leeuw

Prof. Sander E. van der Leeuw is an archaeologist and historian by training has taught at the universities of Leiden, Amsterdam, Cambridge, and the Sorbonne. He held visiting positions at the universities of Reading, Michigan, Massachusetts at Amherst, Chicago, the Australian National University, Arizona State University, the Santa Fe Institute and the University of Reggio Emilia, and lectured in many parts of the world.

His research interests include archaeological theory, ancient ceramic technologies, regional archaeology, man-land relationships, GIS and modelling, and Complex Systems Theory. Between 1992 and 2000 he has coordinated a series of inter-disciplinary research projects on socio-natural interactions and environmental problems.

In 2004, he became Director of the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, and co-director of the Complex Adaptive Systems Initiative at Arizona State University.

He is an External Professor of the Santa Fe Institute, a Corresponding Member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences and a member of the Institut Universitaire de France.

His publications include 16 books and over 120 papers and articles on archaeology, ancient technologies, socio-environmental and sustainability issues, as well as invention and innovation.