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Prof. Patrik Jansson

Prof. Patrik Jansson (Prof. in Computer Science, Chalmers) has worked on generic functional programs and proofs since 1995. This work includes implementation, libraries, and underlying theory of high-level modelling and programming languages. His research ranges from constructive type theory, through advanced functional programming and automatic testing to domain specific languages for sustainability assessment. Jansson became Ass. Prof. in 2004 and is currently one of the top 10,000 most cited authors in computer science, from among 773,000 authors tracked by CiteSeer. Jansson served as vice head of the CSE department (2005-2008) responsible for education, head of the steering group of Chalmers eScience Initiative (2009) and is deputy project leader for the IMPACT project (2008-2010). He became Prof. in Computer Science in 2011.