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Prof. Julian Hunt

Julian Hunt has been a Professor of Climate Modelling in the Department of Space & Climate Physics, and Earth Sciences, and Honorary Professor of Mathematics at University College London, since 1999. Formerly he was at the University of Cambridge where he was Professor of Fluid Mechanics. He is still a Fellow of Trinity College. He is also a J.M. Burgers visiting professor at the Delft University of Technology, Visiting Professor at Arizona State University, Pierre Fermat Visiting Professor in Toulouse, Academic Director of the Lighthill Risk Network and Deputy Director of the Lighthill Institute of Mathematical Sciences. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society. He has honorary degrees from Salford, Bath, East Anglia, Warwick, Dundee, Grenoble, and Uppsala.

In 2001 he has been awarded the L.F. Richardson medal for non-linear geophysics by the European Geophysical Society. He was Director-General and Chief Executive of the Meteorological Office from 1992-1997, and was created a Baron in the House of Lords (with the title Lord Hunt of Chesterton) in May 2000. He is chairman of Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants Ltd., which is working world wide on air pollution modelling and forecasting; he helped found it in 1986.

In his research, he has developed new approaches to modelling turbulence, atmospheric flows around buildings and over mountains, and the dispersion of environmental pollution.