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Prof. Jeffrey Johnson

Prof. Jeffrey Johnson is Professor of Complexity Science and Design at the Open University. His PhD is in mathematics. He is a chartered software engineer and a chartered mathematician. He has extensive experience of distance teaching at the Open University having written major Computer Aided Learning packages and has various awards for his teaching. These include a British Computer Society medal for innovation in computer aided learning. He chairs three OU e-learning courses, and has presented a remote e-learning course for Romanian students.

Johnson is author or editor of five books and his latest, Hypernetworks in the science of complex systems, will be published by Imperial College Press in 2010. He has published many papers on many subjects applying and developing new methods in complex systems science. He is coordinator of the EC Coordination Action ASSYST, and has been Principle Investigator on a number of ESPRC projects. He is President of the Complex Systems Society and chair of its Education committee.

He is Rector of the International Digital University for Complex Systems in Paris. He is particularly interested in the application of new scientific methods in global systems dynamics to address policy issues, and through the ASSYST Project is working towards making links between science and its application to large complex policy problems in the private and public sectors.