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Prof. Dirk Helbing

Prof. Dirk Helbing works at ETH Zurich as Professor of Sociology, in particular of Modelling and Simulation. Before, he was the managing director of the Institute for Transport & Economics at Dresden University of Technology. He received his PhD. at Stuttgart University in 1992 on modelling social interaction processes by means of game-theoretical approaches, stochastic methods and complex systems theory, which was awarded two research prizes. He (co-)edited several proceedings of international conferences on cooperative dynamics in socioeconomic and traffic systems.

He has published more than 200 contributions, the majority of them in international, reviewed journals, including Nature, Science, and Reviews of Modern Physics. The public media (newspapers, radio, TV) have reported about his work more than 300 times.

Helbing serves as referee for many interdisciplinary, socio-economic, physics, and transportation journals as well as 5 national and international science foundations. Helbing has worked abroad at the Weizmann Institute (Israel), Xerox PARC (Silicon Valley), the Collegium Budapest and INRETS (France) and is external professor at the Santa Fe Institute.

He is chairman of the working group “Physics of Socio-Economic Systems Division” (SOE) of the German Physical Society (DPG) and one of the initiators and chairman of ETH Zurich Competence Center “Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems”.